Two more newbie questions

Martin S shieldfire at
Fri Jul 18 09:50:13 CEST 2014

My little newbie app is now coming along nicely. It calculates both
LASK and Elo ratings for chess, so basic functionality is pretty much
complete for my needs.

a/ What is the "easiest" way of putting a web interface on this CLI
application. I've been looking at various web frameworks but that
seems pretty much targeted more towards larger projects. Not "slapping
a gui" on a cli application.
Any pointers and suggestions appreciated.

b/ Catching user input errors. What is generally the best way of
catching those and doing something sane with it. Entering "asdf"
instead of a rating (like 2014) pretty much kills the little tool
Again, pointers to relevant info appreciated. Maybe I've already seen
it but didn't really understand the content ... =/


Martin S

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