What's the proper style for a library string function?

C.D. Reimer chris at cdreimer.com
Sat Jul 19 20:52:49 CEST 2014

On 7/19/2014 11:24 AM, Mark Lawrence wrote:
> Besides that I wouldn't write the function on one line, the first.

I've seen code samples for simple functions with the definition and 
return statements written on one line.

> Once you return your data you can do what you want with it.

Returning data from a function is probably the part I'm overlooking.

> The third is really horrible in my book, YMMV.

That if/else version was something I've been thinking about doing and 
didn't it put it together until I wrote my email. If I couldn't write a 
better version, I wouldn't keep it myself.

Chris Reimer

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