Python 3 is killing Python

Rick Johnson rantingrickjohnson at
Sat Jul 19 22:39:17 CEST 2014

[A missed point from my last reply...]

Terry Reedy said:
> I believe there is a proposal to be able to clear the
> shell window. We just need to add "Clear and restart
> shell".

A command that allows clearing the *entire* shell display
and also resets the global and local symbol tables,
*WITHOUT* requiring a re- start of the entire IDLE
application, would be a great addition!

However, sometimes you just want to remove the displayed
result of the *LAST* command executed --for instance, in
the case of accidentally printing a *very large* data
structure-- and i believe this "output undo action" should
be clearly *DISTINCT* from your normal "edit undo" actions
via: "CONTROL+Z"

To solve this dilemma in *MY* command shell, i use the
"ALT+UP_ARROW" to delete everything from the "last command
prompt" to the "end of the text buffer". I think IDLE needs
both functionality!

> There is also an idea to put help output in an
> output window.

I believe more windows just creates more confusion for the
user. Sometimes you have no choice but add additional
"views", however, in this case at least, i believe a menu
command (coupled with a keyboard event) is the only
solution that can keep the interface "manageable".

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