PyWart(2.7.8) IDLE is more buggy than "Joe's apartment"!

Monte Milanuk memilanuk at
Mon Jul 21 16:55:28 CEST 2014

On 2014-07-21, Shiyao Ma <i at> wrote:
> But really interested in the invalid at invalid.invalid mailing address.
> And,,, obviously, I cannot send to invalid at invalid.invalid, so
> How does you(he) make this?

Some usenet clients, such as slrn which it looks like Grant is using
according to the message header, support using different addresses for
'From:' and 'Reply-To:', and the comments in the default .slrnrc config
file recommend using some form of 'invalid' in your 'From:' address to
cut down on spam.  Looks like Grant took that quite literally ;)

Not sure if it really matters... probably can't hurt...


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