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Monte Milanuk <memilanuk at> writes:

> I need to create a particular application for administering a sporting
> event.  95% (and this may be understating the case) of the 'users' would 
> likely be single-machine, single user scenarios.  For those exceptions 
> (which are important enough that I'm concerned over them) there would be
> one person 'administering' the event and a small number of others
> (probably <5, no more than 10) doing basic data entry - competitor
> registration and later entering scores.  Before (setting up event), in
> between (squadding competitors based on classification, equipment,
> available positions on relays, etc.) and taking care of final reports
> for awards, etc. would be done only from the main program.  The
> end-users are likely not tech-saavy, and most likely running Windows or
> maybe a Mac.  Being able to do the data entry from a tablet would be
> nice but by no means necessary.  Installation needs to be as
> stone-simple as possible - running from a pre-configured USB stick or a
> browser would be ideal.  Use would be over small wired or wi-fi LAN
> enviroment - no exposure to Internet.

I developed SoL[1] with almost the same goal, to manage Carrom tournaments.

It started many years ago as a Windows only desktop application, but
evolved into a much nicer and fun-to-develop web application, based on
Python on the backend (using Pyramid and SQLAlchemy, with a SQLite
database) and ExtJS on the frontend. That basically means that the
backend may be installed with little effort on any Python-supported OS,
and the frontend runs on most modern browsers.

I manage small events with a single notebook and a low cost printer,
without network connection, while major events with a network connection
may be managed online. 

You can try it out at, using guest/guest as

Hope this helps,
ciao, lele.

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