.Net Like Gui Builder for Python?

Kevin Walzer kw at codebykevin.com
Sun Jul 27 20:48:45 CEST 2014

On 7/25/14, 10:55 AM, Orochi wrote:
> Hi,
> This Question may sound lame ,but I am searching for .Net Like Gui Builder for Python.
> I tried PyQt Designer' and 'Glade', No doubt its great but it created only interface.
> I have to code all the things in separate file.
> what I was searching for is Visual Studio .Net like Gui builder where you
> drag and drop widgets and just double click on the widget to edit code of that widget.All other formalities of creating a function and class for the main window and widget(e.g Button) is already done.
> So,Is there any Gui App builder like Visual Studio or having features like Visual Studio for Python.
> Thank You!
I'm not sure which GUI framework you use, but Tkinter is so simple to 
code in directly that you don't really need a UI builder. Give that a try.


Kevin Walzer
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