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> I would like to subtract two dates

> i.e I have entered a date into a textbox which is of type String like below

> type(waitForObject(":VWAP Calculator_LCDateTextField"), "07/24/14")

> I am capturing that date like below

> Current = (waitForObject(":VWAP Calculator_LCDateTextField").text)

> so, now I want to subtract the captured date with my current system date and get the difference in days. I tried many ways and see no success. Someone please help with this as soon as possible.

> P.S: I have python 2.4 and 2.7

If you have the user-entered date in a string format, you can use
datetime.strptime() to convert it into a datetime object, like so:

    from datetime import datetime
    user_date = datetime.strptime(user_input, "%m/%d/%y")

Get the current system date like this:

    now_date =

Subtract the two datetime objects to obtain a timedelta object:

    mydelta = now_date - user_date

Look at the days attribute to get the difference in days:


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