Reporting and data stats help

James P testdevprod at
Thu Jul 31 20:03:16 CEST 2014

I'm building a report builder for my Django app and could use a little advice.

My reports are fairly simple where I accumulate scores of data (easy enough) but then I want to alter the report totals by varying dimensions (date ranges / split dates/weeks/months / owners / other metadata etc.). Since I am working with Django Querysets, I have some options as to how I can query the data into one query set with joins where I can traverse the joins for my accumulating data. Or I can take multiple querysets and join them in my app manually which simplifies the queries somewhat (this optimization might come later when I load test the app). 

My data might look something like this:

Parent (with useful dimensional metadata) -> Child (with useful dimensional metadata) ->Child of child (accumulating data source, i.e. Counts to aggregate)

I see some stuff about Pandas, also Anaconda. I took a brief look at both and they definitely both sound more hardcore than I need, but then I don't feel like rolling my own axis/dimensional modelling logic if I can perhaps build a dataset and have the app do it for me. Which package is recommended for babby's first stat package that can meet my requirements? Ideally one that uses less resources as I plan to scale this app up quite a bit in production.

Also for whichever package recommended, where would I find some good basic tutorials on how to build my dataset and alter it for reporting purposes? I plan to build charts on the client-side front-end with HTML5/js/css.

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