Can global variable be passed into Python function?

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Marko Rauhamaa <marko at> writes:

> Mark Lawrence <breamoreboy at>:
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> Your brief summary, please, Mark?
> Anyway, the first 1000 lines or so that I managed to read from that page
> stated a valid principle, which however doesn't invalidate the existence
> of a switch statement.

The first sentence on that page explains that it's describing a “code
smell”, with a link to the page which explains that term
<URL:>. Did you read that page?

A code smell is an indication that something is wrong in the code. That
indication is not 100% accurate; the point is that it's accurate enough
to be worth further scrutiny to find what problem may be causing the smell.

> However, like all other maxims, that principle, too, has exceptions.

Of course. That's the point of describing something as a “code smell”:
it may have exceptions where the smell does not indicate an actual
problem, but those are not the normal case where the smell is
encountered. More often, it indicates a problem that should be fixed.

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