Mac vs. Linux for Python Development

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Sun Mar 2 06:51:11 CET 2014

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> The point of this thread isn't really about Windows, so I'll try to
> keep it brief, but there are a couple of things I should clarify. The
> first one is about the 4+ second import time for decimal. I cited
> that, recently, and comparing that with "almost instantaneous" on
> Debian (which is what I experience) isn't entirely fair, because it's
> more about cold cache versus warm cache. (When I shut down IDLE and
> fire it up again, I get sub-second import time. Not as fast as the "so
> quick as to be immeasurable" that my Debian box gave, but still
> quicker than the 4ish second cold cache.)

Which version are you talking about?

I have an old, slow box running Windows Server 2003 and python 3.3.2.

I have just booted it up now, called up a command prompt, typed 'python' to 
start the interpreter, and typed 'import decimal'. The interpreter prompt 
re-appeared in the blink of an eye.

Are you talking about something else?

Frank Millman

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