Help with "Guess the number" script

Scott W Dunning swdunning at
Mon Mar 3 02:40:21 CET 2014

On Mar 1, 2014, at 6:16 PM, Chris Angelico <rosuav at> wrote:
> Another consideration: Susan's code is written for Python 3, but you
> seemed to be using Python 2. You'll find that the code won't even run
> on your version of Python.
> (If you have the chance, ask if the course writer would consider
> updating it to use Python 3. There's getting to be less and less
> reason to use Python 2 for any new projects; when you start a brand
> new system, you should be using Python 3 unless there's something
> holding you on the old version. So it's correspondingly more useful to
> learn Py3.)
> ChrisA

I completely agree.  However, the instructor is wanting to use Python 2.7.6 because the book he is using for the course goes over 2.7.6.  Hopefully, once I learn more it will not be a huge jump to python 3.  


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