How to create a voting website by Python and Flask?

David Froger david.froger at
Mon Mar 3 17:01:49 CET 2014

Quoting Harry Wood (2014-03-03 16:22:22)
> How to create a voting website by Python and Flask? I studying Python and Flask for some months, and
>  - Now I have some Python & Flask basic skills.
>  - I need some advices like following example: 
> Step 1: You could writing an voting application by Python Step 2: You could build a website by Flask ...
> Thanks very much!
> -- 

Hi Harry,

For example:

You define an URL, something like /voting. Used with a GET request, the Python
function associated to the /voting URL renders and returns a template
containing a form. You can create the form using Flask-WTF, and use
Flask-Bootstrap to make your page looks better. The user fill the form, and
submit it (POST request on /voting). Here, the function associated with
/voting get the form data, and store it in a database.

You define a second URL, /results, which on a GET request reads your database
and returns the results by rendering a template, something like
render_template('result.html', result=result)

Hope it helps!

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