How security holes happen

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On 04/03/2014 22:59, Roy Smith wrote:
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>>> Lisp is conceptually simpler than Python, but awe-inspiring. One day, it
>>> will overtake Python, I believe.
>>> The final Nirvana is reached with...
>> No no no. The final Nirvana is achieved when you no longer write text
>> at all, but simply edit an empty file. When you are done, the file is
>> still empty, and you have truly reached nirvana.
>> Either that, or you code in
>> ...
>> ChrisA
> Man, imagine what you could do with a Unicode version of Whitespace?

Yes, but how do we pursuade the Python core devs to give us a decent 
implementation?  Let's face it, according to our resident unicode 
expert, they can't get anything right about unicode.

My fellow Pythonistas, ask not what our language can do for you, ask 
what you can do for our language.

Mark Lawrence

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