How security holes happen

Marko Rauhamaa marko at
Wed Mar 5 07:37:42 CET 2014

MRAB <python at>:

> Into how many versions did Lisp split in its first 23 years? :-)

I'm partial to Scheme, but I'll take any version.

If you had tried Python 30 years ago, you'd give it up for any serious
work because it would be so slow and consume so much memory. C++ virtual
functions used to be avoided because of performance reasons. These are
truly amazing times for computing: Java, C#, Python etc are now
mainstream, and advanced programming concepts like closures are
available to and expected from run-of-the-mill code pushers.

Java programmers were afflicted by XML and didn't know of anything
better. They are now being exposed to Clojure.

Python programmers are starting to see glimpses of a better world with

So we are getting there. Give it a few more decades.


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