python decimal library v0.3 released

Mark H. Harris harrismh777 at
Wed Mar 5 08:09:43 CET 2014

On Monday, March 3, 2014 7:46:38 PM UTC-6, Mark H. Harris wrote:
> On Monday, March 3, 2014 5:34:30 AM UTC-6, Mark H. Harris wrote:
> >

Greetings, just a minor update here for version testing and portability.
I have tested | on the following distributions:

Py2.5     [ not supported, problems with "with" and localcontext ]
Py2.6.1  [ runs correctly as written ]
Py2.7.2  [ runs correctly as written ]
Py2.7.6  [ runs correctly as written ]
Py3.2.0  [ runs correctly as written ]
Py3.3.4  [ runs very fast ]

Py2.7.2 was interesting for me to verify, because that is the version
that is currently supported by the QPython people, for the Android
platform. I now have pdeclib module loaded on my phone running
quite well, Samsung Galaxy SII Android 4.1.2 QPython (Py2.7.2), 
although not as speedy as 3.3, it imports & runs without errors so far.

If you put pdeclib on your Android tablet|phone, you may run the script
from your personal directory, of course, or you may place it in the
python2.7 lib/site-packages folder and it will be on the PYTHONPATH
regardless of which directory you open python2.7.2 over.


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