How to create an instance of a python class from C++

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>>> Hello:
>>> I can't figure out how to create an instance of a python class from
>>> 'C++':
>>> ( I am relatively new to Python so excuse some of the following. )
>>> In a .py file I create an ABC and then specialize it:
>> Why are you creating an ABC?
> Because it was the first binary computer that did calculations with
> electronic switching elements (gates), and it would be really cool to
> have one! The ABC also pioneered the use of capciators as regenerative
> storage elements (it's how DRAM still works today).
> It predated ENIAC, and it's clear that some of the features of ENIAC
> were inspired by the ABC after John Mauchly visited Iowa State and saw
> the ABC.

But it was not programmable

the first programmable electronic computer was 'Colossus'
which was developed during WWII but remained classified by the UK govt 
for many years afterwards

You are not dead yet.  But watch for further reports.

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