How to create an instance of a python class from C++

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On 2014-03-05, Alister <alister.ware at> wrote:
>>> Why are you creating an ABC?
>> Because it was the first binary computer that did calculations with
>> electronic switching elements (gates), and it would be really cool to
>> have one! The ABC also pioneered the use of capciators as regenerative
>> storage elements (it's how DRAM still works today).
>> It predated ENIAC, and it's clear that some of the features of ENIAC
>> were inspired by the ABC after John Mauchly visited Iowa State and saw
>> the ABC.
> But it was not programmable

True.  It had only one program that was hard-wired into it when it was
built as opposed to the external patch-cords and switches that were
used on machines like Colossus and ENIAC to alter the wiring.

> the first programmable electronic computer was 'Colossus' which was
> developed during WWII but remained classified by the UK govt for many
> years afterwards 

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