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In <ae5b837c-501d-498e-bd3a-3b2c709c42b0 at> teddybubu at writes:

> > soup.find_all(name="span", class="date")

> I have python 2.7.2 and it does not like class in the code you provided.

Oh right, 'class' is a reserved word.  I imagine beautifulsoup has
a workaround for that.

> Now when I take out [ class="date"], this is returned:
>    [<span class="date">March 5, 2014</span>, <span class="date">March 5, 2014</span>]
> This is the code I am using: "data = soup.find_all(name="span") 
> print (data)"
> 1. it returns today's date instead of the actual date
> 2. returns it twice

Are there two occurrences of '<span class="date">March 5, 2014</span>'
in the HTML?  If so, then beautifulsoup is doing its job correctly.

It might help if you posted the sample HTML data you're working with.

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