problem running python 3.3 on mac os mavericks

Romil Agrawal ra1717 at
Fri Mar 7 09:15:07 CET 2014

I currently installed python 3.3.4 on mac os mavericks, and want to run it
on Wing IDE. Previously it was running python 2.7.6. When I tried to change
the python excitable in the wing ide configuration mode, and then restarted
it, a dialog box was displayed that said the interpreter of python 3.3.4 on
the specified path may not exist. Please help me sort this out. Also,
python 3.3.4 is installed on my mac and running on the IDLE, but the
terminal shows that the current version of python is 2.7.6. how can it be
possible. Please suggest something to sort this thing out.

Thanking you.
Romil Agrawal
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