gdb unable to read python frame information

Neal Becker ndbecker2 at
Fri Mar 7 14:23:20 CET 2014

dieter wrote:

> Wesley <nispray at> writes:
>> I wanna use gdb to attach my running python scripts.
>> Successfully import libpython in gdb, but seems all py operations failed to
>> read python information.
>> Here is the snippet:
>> (gdb) python
>>>import libpython
>> (gdb) py-bt
>> #3 (unable to read python frame information)
>> #5 (unable to read python frame information)
> The simplest possible interpretation would be that your
> Python lacks debugging symbols. That often happens with
> system installed Python installations (which usually are stripped
> to the bare minimal symbol set - as "normal" users do not need
> debugging).
> Try with a Python that you have generated yourself.

You probably need to install the python-debuginfo package

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