extract from json

teddybubu at gmail.com teddybubu at gmail.com
Fri Mar 7 21:27:27 CET 2014

I can't find any example on how to do this.
I have a json file like so:

this goes on for more than 700 entries. only thing unique is the number at the end of the url. I am going to load the url in python, get the date and title and write it in the json itself. 
Right now I am stuck on just reading the url in the json. Here is my code:

import json

with open("bostock.json") as json_file:
    json_data = json.load(json_file)

I have tried json_data[0], json_data.url and a few others I forget right now and it does not seem to work.  

I have already figured out how to get the title and date.
First things first: How can i just get the url for each line of the above json file? 

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