Critic: New Python Front Page

Nils-Hero Lindemann nilsherolindemann at
Sat Mar 8 13:44:27 CET 2014


(Please forgive (or correct) my mistakes, i am non native)
* Formatting bug
* Needs breadcrumb navigation ("Where am i?")
  (i came there via
* blue background makes top links invisible when i look on laptop
  screen from a 60% angle. Prefer white.
* 1 third of space on y-axis is used for 15 navigation
  links and a search bar.
* 1 third of space on x-axis is used for one sentence about and a link
  to PSF.
* I can not easily get rid of this by using e.g. HackTheWeb
  Please compare with e.g. Wikipedia, it is easy there to isolate the
  main content.
That picture is scary.

Regards, Nils

Nils-Hero Lindemann <nilsherolindemann at>

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