image processing in python and opencv

Gary Herron gherron at
Sun Mar 9 20:09:25 CET 2014

On 03/09/2014 10:56 AM, Varsha Holla wrote:
> i have no idea how to retrieve indexed images stored in ordered dictionary, using its values like : blue,green,red mean along with contrast, energy, homogeneity and correlation. as i have calculated the euclidean distance and i don't know how to display the images which are similar.
> thanks in advance

Sorry,  but is there a question here?  And is it Python related? (This 
is a Python list, right?)

And while you're rewording this as a Python related question, please 
take the time to state the problem clearly.  You'll get more help if you 
take the time to tell us what you are doing.  For instance:  You have a 
dictionary.  How was it created?  What values are stored in it?  What 
keys were used?   Why is it an "ordered" dictionary?  Is your trouble 
retrieving images, computing keys for similar images, or displaying 
images?  (All three seem to be implied above.)

Gary Herron

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