Tuples and immutability

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Wed Mar 12 12:21:05 CET 2014

Op 12-03-14 10:51, Ian Kelly schreef:
> On Wed, Mar 12, 2014 at 3:39 AM, Antoon Pardon
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>> The documentation is wrong at that point as the following code illustrates.
> Either way it still has to do a getitem and a setitem, but if you have
> a more nested structure then the extra getitems are not repeated.  For
> example, using your logdict class:

Sure, but the documentation doesn't say for sufficiently nested structures
some evaluations are not repeated.

Take the following example.

| tab['key'] = [1]
| tab['key'] += [2]

Now let us rewrite that second statment in two different ways.

| tab['key'] = tab['key'] + [2]


| tmp = tab['key']
| tmp += [2]

Now which of these two rewritings is closer to the augmented concatenation?
A natural reading of the documentation would conclude the second one, because
in that case we only need to evaluate tab['key'] once as righthand sided.
However it turns out the augmented concantenation is closer to the first
rewriting here, evaluating tab['key'] twice once a lefthand sided and once
as right hand sided, which IMO will surprise people that rely on the documentation.

Antoon Pardon

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