How do we pass default argument value to create thread object?

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Wed Mar 12 14:51:15 CET 2014

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> Hi,

> I am using Thread class to create threads.
> <CODE>
> thread = threading.Thread(target=Fun, args=[arg1, arg2, arg3="val"])
> thread.start()
> </CODE>

> This code is throwing compilation error(Ipython).

> In [19]: import threading

> In [20]: def Fun(agr1, arg2, arg3=None):
> ....: pass
> ....:

> In [21]: thread = threading.Thread(target=Fun, args=[arg1, arg2,
> arg3="val" ])
> ------------------------------------------------------------
> File "<ipython console>", line 1
> thread = threading.Thread(target=Fun, args=[arg1, arg2, arg3="val"])
> ^
> SyntaxError: invalid syntax

> How do we pass the value to default arguments while creating thread
> object?

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> ~Piyush
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try something like

thread = threading.Thread(target=Fun, args=("val1", "val2"), kwargs={"arg3":"val3"})

This will call
Fun("val1", "val2", arg3="val3")

Browse the python tutorial for details on arguments and keyword arguments.




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