asyncio libraries?

sontek at sontek at
Mon Mar 17 08:27:56 CET 2014

I'm a little late to the party, but now that Python 3.4 is out and asyncio is ready for use I started reading things like:

Which explains why the asyncio approach is the future and all the bullet points in that article make a lot of sense.

But my question now is if Python core developers are going to be releasing libraries to help working with things like databases, http requests, etc and all the reasons you may want asyncio?

Currently gevent is what I use most often because most libraries I use these days are already "greened" and I think asyncio needs something similar. Either extensions to popular things like psycopg2, pylibmc (or any memcached library), and urllib3 for example.

I've seen libraries like this: popping up but I would love to see some "blessed" libraries or even more documentation for common use cases and how someone could move to asyncio.

What about webservers?  Are there any decent webservers being built on top of asyncio instead of gevent, twisted, or tornado?


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