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Tue Mar 18 06:39:37 CET 2014

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> On Tue, Mar 18, 2014 at 12:06 AM, Frank Millman <frank at> 
> wrote:
>> So where should I install the SCM, and how should I set it up so that I 
>> can
>> access the latest version from any machine?
> First off: You can save yourself a huge amount of trouble now! Modern
> source control systems are distributed (DVCS - Distributed Version
> Control System), which means that you have a much simpler setup: every
> machine that uses it has a full clone of the repository.
> By the sound of it, you don't have any history at the moment, so I'll
> assume you just start using either git or hg from where you are. The
> first thing to do is to get a local copy of the current source tree.
> I'd start with a Linux system, because everything seems to be easier
> there...

Thanks, Chris. I appreciate the detailed explanation.

Two quick questions -

1. At present the source code is kept on one machine (A), but only accessed 
from the two other machines (B and C).

Does it make sense to create the central repository on A, but *not* install 
the SCM on A? Install separate copies of the SCM on B and C, and allow them 
both to set up their own clones. I only develop on B, so only B would 
'push', but both B and C would 'pull' to get the latest version.

2. Being a typical lazy programmer, I frequently go through the following 
cycle. I work on a section of code by editing it on B. Then I test it by 
running it on C. Instead of meticulously checking my code I let python find 
the errors, so I run it on C, it crashes with a traceback, I fix the error 
on B and rerun it on C until it is working to my satisfaction.

It seems that I will have to change my approach. Edit on B, 'push' on B, 
'pull' on C, run from C. It sounds more cumbersome, but maybe that is the 
price I have to pay.

Have I got those two right?



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