running python 2 vs 3

notbob notbob at
Thu Mar 20 22:16:36 CET 2014

On 2014-03-20, Ned Batchelder <ned at> wrote:

> On 3/20/14 3:07 PM, Eric Jacoboni wrote:

>> With Arch-Linux, python is python3...

> Yes, and they have been told many times that this was foolish and wrong, 
> but it persists, much to our pain.

I've read that 2.7 is the defacto std for python (default on Slack
14.1).  I installed py3 on Slack box cuz I'd gotten the little
"Programming the Raspberry Pi" book, which is a pretty good lil' book,
clarifying many confusing (to me) python issues.  Only prob is, it's
fer python 3x.  I guess I coulda kept the two platforms separate, but
then raspi has 2X and 3x, also, so I guess I need to get this issue
straight in my feeble geezer head, right outta the gate.  I'm plum
grateful to all you kind folks who are taking the time to educate this
slow ol' curmudgeon.  ;)


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