Question about Source Control

Gregory Ewing greg.ewing at
Thu Mar 20 23:19:50 CET 2014

Chris Angelico wrote:
> You can then offer a non-source-control means of downloading that
> specific revision.

Just keep in mind the downside that you can't then
push or pull your changes directly back into the main
repository. You can generate a patch file for the
project maintainer to apply, however. Hg makes it
very easy to produce a patch file between any two

Also, unless the project is truly ancient, the
whole history might not be as big as you expect.
The code presumably grew to its present size
incrementally, in an approximately monotonic
manner, so the sum of all the diffs is probably
about the same order of magnitude as the current
code size.

As an experiment, I just cloned a copy of the
CPython repository, and it's about 300MB. A
tarball of Python 3.2 that I downloaded and
compiled earlier is about 75MB. That's a ratio
of about 4, and CPython is a pretty ancient


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