Installing ssdeep on Portable Python /advice

laguna-mc at laguna-mc at
Fri Mar 21 01:16:09 CET 2014

Portable Python 2.7 for Windows, the Python application have dependency on ssdeep-2.10, which is a binary exe.

The ssdeep (libfuzzy) installation example was shown for Linux platform only:
a) libfuzzy can be installed via apt-get:

    $ sudo apt-get install libfuzzy2

b) to install libfuzzy from source, download the gzipped tarball from, then run:

    $ tar -zxvf ssdeep-2.10.tar.gz
    $ cd ssdeep-2.10 && ./configure && make && sudo make install
I need install it on PortablePython for Windows, so it's not clear how to make this: where should be placed ssdeep Windows binary files, that Python application can found it?

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