CallBack function in C Libraries.

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>> Give the function call its required argument and the error will go
>> away... well, at least that one.
> Yep, many thanks for the answer.
> But... im totally beginner with Python.
> I develop in Pascal and C and want to understand the basics of Python.
> In concrete, what must i change in the code ?

In abstract, exactly the same thing that you would change if a C compiler  
had complained to you that you had failed to give a function call the  
right number of arguments.  More than that I have no idea; it's your code,  
presumably you know what it should be doing.  I have absolutely no idea  
how TheProc() is being called by your widgets.  Are you sure it should be  
declared as taking a single parameter?

I'm afraid it doesn't help that GoogleGroups has badly mangled the  
formatting of your code.  I'm not quite sure what to suggest since it  
isn't one of the usual problems, but you might find reading helpful.  It will  
certainly help with the double-spacing in your quote above.

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