Question about Source Control

Roy Smith roy at
Fri Mar 21 13:23:31 CET 2014

In article <mailman.8348.1395381664.18130.python-list at>,
 Cameron Simpson <cs at> wrote:

>   hg blame bin/set-x
> and the output goes:
>     [hg/css]fleet*> hg blame bin/set-x
>      2186: #!/bin/sh
>     11359: #
>     11359: # Trace execution of a command.

There's two things hg blame doesn't do which would be useful.

First, the trivial one.  I don't want lines annotated by change number, 
I want them annotated by the name of the person who checked it in.  But, 
I'm sure that can be easily fixed with some simple post-processing 
filter, so it really falls into the bucket of "minor annoyances".

The hard thing is I don't really want to know which change most recently 
touched the line of text.  I want to know who really wrote it.  It would 
be wonderful if hg were smart enough to be able to back-track through 
the change history and ignore trivial changes like whitespace, 
refactoring a function out of one file into another, etc.  That's the 
real meat and potatoes of "blame".  I want to know who I need to hit 
over the head with a clue-by-four once I fix a bug.

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