Question about Source Control

Tim Chase python.list at
Fri Mar 21 18:54:59 CET 2014

On 2014-03-22 04:23, Chris Angelico wrote:
> > The hard thing is I don't really want to know which change most
> > recently touched the line of text.  I want to know who really
> > wrote it.  It would be wonderful if hg were smart enough to be
> > able to back-track through the change history and ignore trivial
> > changes like whitespace, refactoring a function out of one file
> > into another, etc.  That's the real meat and potatoes of
> > "blame".  I want to know who I need to hit over the head with a
> > clue-by-four once I fix a bug.  
> Hmm. 'git blame' can do both of those things, so I'd be very
> surprised if 'hg blame' can't, at least with some extension(s).
> (The latter feature is "git blame -w filename"; -w is a standard
> 'git diff' option meaning "ignore whitespace".)

A quick "hg -help blame" suggests that it has options to at least
show the author and control the ignoring of whitespace, as well as
tweak other elements:

 -u --user                list the author (long with -v)
 -f --file                list the filename
 -d --date                list the date (short with -q)
 -n --number              list the revision number (default)
 -c --changeset           list the changeset
 -l --line-number         show line number at the first appearance
 -w --ignore-all-space    ignore white space when comparing lines
 -b --ignore-space-change ignore changes in the amount of white space
 -B --ignore-blank-lines  ignore changes whose lines are all blank

I don't see a "ignore refactoring", but I'd want to chase through
those more manually.

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