Installing ssdeep on Portable Python /advice

Mark H Harris harrismh777 at
Sat Mar 22 04:32:43 CET 2014

On 3/21/14 9:51 PM, Mark H Harris wrote:
> On 3/20/14 7:16 PM, laguna-mc at wrote:

>> $ tar -zxvf ssdeep-2.10.tar.gz
>> $ cd ssdeep-2.10&& ./configure&& make&& sudo make install

>> I need install it on PortablePython for Windows, so it's not
>> clear how to make this: where should be placed ssdeep Windows
>> binary files, that Python application can found it?

> It is strongly recommended that ssdeep be run on windows from
> precompiled binaries. Building from sources is not recommended because
> of dependencies and environment...

> Google is our frined;


Actually, I restated that wrong. The doc says that building from sources 
on windows is NOT supported.


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