Python MSI not installing, log file showing name of a Viatnemese communist revolutionary

Mark H Harris harrismh777 at
Sat Mar 22 05:30:06 CET 2014

On 3/21/14 11:15 PM, Chris Angelico wrote:
> It compounds. One reply makes for double spacing... two makes
> quadruple, three means we have seven wasted lines between every pair
> of real lines. That gets pretty annoying. And considering that most
> people who reply without cleaning up the lines also keep the entire
> quoted text (and usually top-post as well), this gets big fast.

    Yes, I can see that readily/  I get it, it just seems that fixing it 
at the source (gg) is the answer; because there will always be someone 
new to the list who is using gg because its part of their suite and 
because its convenient (I mean, that's why I tried to use it). I think 
we need to be beating up on the gg people so they get their stuff working.

> Personally, I think that iterating over the lines in a file (in the
> most obvious way) should strip delimiters.


> most of the time you want to just treat a file as a series of
> lines, and don't care about the distinctions. However, that ship has
> sailed; it's way WAY too late to make any such change.

    agreed again, on both counts.

> And changing it would not fix the Google Groups problem unless it also
> broke a whole pile of other code out there.

    No doubt.  Well, I don't mind dealing with it/  and frankly, I don't 
really think its a python problem anyway at the root. All files should 
have standard delimiters.  What I used to call flat-text files should 
have standard line-end delimiters, and standard file-end EOF markers. 
All OS's should comply with the standard... for instance, there should 
not be a windows x'0a' x'0d' line ending, and a unix  x'0d' line ending.

    Well, and now that I'm thinking about this again, since we have 
unicode, maybe we should have an entire set of standard "file" 
delimiters for flat-files.

    But the bottom line (pun intended) is that I just want to suck the 
lines in, and I only want the system to have to handle the delimiters; 
I'm not asking for any changes mind you (at this point) just thinking 

Cheers dude.

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