terminate a program gracefully from a thread

Jabba Laci jabba.laci at gmail.com
Sat Mar 22 14:19:44 CET 2014

> You need a flag to indicate that a particular invocation is the
>  dummy one (background). So use that same flag either to suppress
>  starting the thread,  or to avoid the unwanted raw_input.
> Alternatively,  rethink the need to preload at boot time.  Any
>  caching the OS does is likely to only last a few minutes,
>  depending on load. So maybe you can make the real load seem to be
>  quicker by displaying the gui right away,  but doing the
>  time-consuming part in a thread.


Thanks for the idea. Right, if it's started in suicide mode, then
there is no need to enter the raw_input.



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