Time we switched to unicode? (was Explanation of this Python language feature?)

Roy Smith roy at panix.com
Tue Mar 25 13:21:19 CET 2014

In article <mailman.8511.1395743071.18130.python-list at python.org>,
 Antoon Pardon <antoon.pardon at rece.vub.ac.be> wrote:

> Come on. The problem isn't that both set and dictionary literal use
> braces. That doesn't seem to be a problem in python3. The only question
> was what should {} represent and how do we get an empty collection of
> the other kind. If {} had been an empty set, dict() could have been
> used for an empty dictionary is {:} had been unacceptable.

By analogy to tuples, it could have been {,}.

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