regex line by line over file

James Smith bjlockie at
Thu Mar 27 14:41:55 CET 2014

On Thursday, March 27, 2014 1:32:03 AM UTC-4, Steven D'Aprano wrote:

> - are you mistaken about the content of the file?
> I can't help you with the first. But the second: try running this:
> # line2 and pat as defined above
> filename = sys.argv[1]
> with open(filename) as f:
>     for line in f:
>         print(len(line), line==line2, repr(line))
>         print(repr(pat.match(line)))
> which will show you what you have and whether or not it matches 
> what you think it has. I expect that the file contents is not what 
> you think it is, because the regex is matching the sample line.
> Good luck!
> -- 
> Steven

It should match this:
(134, False, '\'   "SHELF-17:LOG_COLN_IP,SC,03-25,01-18-58,NEND,NA,,,:\\\\"Log Collection In Progress\\\\",NONE:1700000035-6364-1048,:YEAR=2014,MODE=NONE"\\r\\n\'')

Is the \r\n on the end of the line screwing it up?

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