YADTR (Yet Another DateTime Rant)

Marko Rauhamaa marko at pacujo.net
Fri Mar 28 14:10:15 CET 2014

Roy Smith <roy at panix.com>:

> I'm not sure how "decoupling internal representation from external 
> behavior" is substantially different from encapsulation.

Yes, that's encapsulation. The idea of encapsulation is older than OO.

> And, no, I don't think inheritance is a fundamental characteristic of
> OOD, nudge nudge.

Inheritance was there with Simula so I think it's high up there with OO.

If encapsulation exists outside OO and inheritance is not key to it,
what is OO then, a marketing term?

(It's a different thing, then, that encapsulation and inheritance are
mutually exclusive principles.)


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