Embroidermodder2 Kickstarter for Python also!

Metallicow metaliobovinus at gmail.com
Sat Mar 29 08:26:12 CET 2014

Dear Pythoneers,

Just letting you know we got a Kickstarter going on for Embroidermodder2 finally.
We are going to need all the support we can get.

What is the program for you may ask...?
It is for making designs and stuff that can be embroidered on just about any fabric.

It is the first real decent open-source embroidery software that handles many formats that would meet
standard business/artists needs.

As an unofficial developer at this point my involvement hinders in the pure python
side of things, but only upon project success.
So what that means for everyone is that if the project IS successful,
then I will be doing a pure python port of the application also(In PySide/PyQt first, then possibly a wxPy port)
working closely with the two lead developers whom of which I know both well and respect
and can attest to the level of devotion to quality being put into it.
I already have the majority of the GUI code ported at alpha stage ATM so am off to a good start,
but what is needed is at least initial funding before more work on the python side can continue,
because we can't sustain self-funding this forever.
Python bindings is a stretch goal also that was initially set.

I don't recall exactly who it was here that joked about wanting the 
"Guido Van Rossum World Tour" Shirt, but it can be possible for anyone now
with some basic skills and a machine(or you could take it to a local embroidery shop).
The program aims to make the designer clothing side of the industry affordable 
and introducable for not only a small fry just starting a business, it also applies to
shops that already exist as it provides open tools easily customizable to meet 
the jobs special purpose needs.

So what we need is for the project to succeed by being funded 
and custom clothing design will then be finally open to the masses and 
so everyone can profit from it.

There are many other rewards to consider also for your pledge.
The campaign is going on until April 20th(Easter), so I encourage everyone interested 
in cheaper quality tools and clothes/etc to pledge what you can.
Lets help these guys out.


Pic to python port WIPz

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