OFF TOPIC Spanish in the USA [was Re: Explanation of this Python language feature?]

Mark H Harris harrismh777 at
Mon Mar 31 07:33:01 CEST 2014

On 3/31/14 12:05 AM, Chris Angelico wrote:

>> What say you?  We all type in our own language, and everyone else gets to
>> read it in their own language. Its kinda like the day of Pentecost (except
>> that its print instead of audio).
> And Pentecost required direct intervention of the all-powerful God of
> the universe. Any less, and you'll run into translation difficulties.
> It certainly cannot be automated; even done manually by people expert
> in both the source and target languages, translation is imperfect.

Truth.   Well, like I said, its a dream.  And, we are finally at that 
point in time &space (fast computers, elegant programming languages, 
network, cloud apps, desire) where I think we could tackle universal 

On the other hand, would it be easier to simply move everyone to a 
neutral lingua franca?  For instance, lets say, biblical Greek.  In 
other words, the entire world learns a new (dead) language. Then, we all 
move forward speaking ONE language and we forget the translation thing 

The reason that won't work is that everyone needs their heart language 
(as what it means to be human, and as what it means to be 'them'). How 
we speak is how we think, and feel. Its a conundrum for sure.


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