Examples of modern GUI python programms

Metallicow metaliobovinus at gmail.com
Mon Mar 31 11:33:11 CEST 2014

On Monday, March 31, 2014 3:48:33 AM UTC-5, Sturla Molden wrote:
> If you are to distribute a program using LGPL software on AppStore or
> Gopgle Play, then remember that the user must be allowed to relink the
> program with anpther version of the library. That is an LGPL requirement. I
> don't see how this requirement can be satisfied in this case. Thus, LGPL on
> AppStore or Google Play is probably put of the question. At least on iOS,
> the user cannot change what you put in an App bundle. This excludes
> wxPython and PySide. Thus, the only viable cross-platform choices are
> commercial PyQt + commercial Qt or tkinter. In case of iOS, PyObjC is also
> an option. py2app will also be useful for creating App bundles on iOS.
> Sturla

The OP didn't exactly detail what exactly was being looked for just
"python on windows" basically. So that part still hasn't been answered...
As far as wxPython, that is not LGPL, it is wxPython/wxWidgets which is fine for licensing your compiled app as however you want. 
Modifications to the library stuff for example is good in the fact with this that most all improvements(to the library-stuff) eventually work their way back in or have to be released GPL v2.

One would have to tool through the PySide agreement for their specifics, but as I recall it is exactly the same as Qt is, which makes sense. Riverbank/PyQt is not Qt, they are a separate entity, just to make that clear. The reason PySide was made was because Riverbank didn't want to license their bindings that same as Qt basically.

A lot depends on what you intend to do with "the" app and how many hoops you are willing to jump through license wise.

Just because a library is LGPL doesn't mean the authors code has to be depending on the circumstances. That just means usually you have to be able to provide the library code(and your mods to it) used.
If the author doesn't care about releasing his/her own source code, then just about any toolkit would be at the same level of "python on windows" for the most part.

It all depends on what the target for the app is. "Windows desktop?", "Windows Phone?", "MSW XBox?", etc...

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