Installing Parsers/Tree Builders to, and accessing these packages from Python2.7

Simon Evans musicalhacksaw at
Sun Nov 2 15:58:42 CET 2014

Dear Terry Reedy 
I am using operating system Windows 7. 
I put the HTML TreeBuilder / htm5 library into the Python2.7 folder. 
I read that the LXML Treebuilder /lmxl installs itself automatically to the Python2.7 installation, so that is why I am not having difficulty with that installation. 
I don't think it really matters where the lxml download ended up necessarily, all I want is to know how I can install it so it works, I cannot get any feedback because it isn't working, all I get is the automated inbuilt response about 'Do I want a treebuilder/ parser that is appropriate to the input' or words to that effect. What I want to know is how to get this lxml treebuilder/parser to run, ie: what is the protocol for running the lxml download so's it'll run, or what sort of code to I put to my python console in order to get it to run, seeing as the input suggested by the download site does not get it to run.  Maybe I should rephrase my question : how do I install LXMLTreeBuilder/lxml, and how do I download and install HTMLParserTreeBuilder and LXMLTreeBuilderForXML to my Python2.7, please ? I can post the Traceback but all it says is that it doesn't recognise any input with 'html5lib' in it. I will post the console response if it is important, but I can't see how it is relevant to my request - which is how do I get these 'treebuilder/ parsers' to install and run.

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