Installing Parsers/Tree Builders to, and accessing these packages from Python2.7

Mark Lawrence breamoreboy at
Sun Nov 2 16:27:00 CET 2014

On 02/11/2014 14:58, Simon Evans wrote:
> Dear Terry Reedy
> I am using operating system Windows 7.
> I put the HTML TreeBuilder / htm5 library into the Python2.7 folder.
> I read that the LXML Treebuilder /lmxl installs itself automatically to the Python2.7 installation, so that is why I am not having difficulty with that installation.
> I don't think it really matters where the lxml download ended up necessarily, all I want is to know how I can install it so it works, I cannot get any feedback because it isn't working, all I get is the automated inbuilt response about 'Do I want a treebuilder/ parser that is appropriate to the input' or words to that effect. What I want to know is how to get this lxml treebuilder/parser to run, ie: what is the protocol for running the lxml download so's it'll run, or what sort of code to I put to my python console in order to get it to run, seeing as the input suggested by the download site does not get it to run.  Maybe I should rephrase my question : how do I install LXMLTreeBuilder/lxml, and how do I download and install HTMLParserTreeBuilder and LXMLTreeBuilderForXML to my Python2.7,
>   please ? I can post the Traceback but all it says is that it doesn't recognise any input with 'html5lib' in it. I will post the console response if it is important, but I can't see how it is relevan
>   t to my request - which is how do I get these 'treebuilder/ parsers' to install and run.

You're not the first person to have this problem, so do either of these 

Also note that your post consists of single line paragraphs which makes 
it difficult to read.  Can you change your email settings to correct 
this or if you're on google groups action this to prevent us seeing 
them, thanks.

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