Problem adding a Key Value pair

Anurag Patibandla anuragpatibandla7 at
Tue Nov 4 20:37:35 CET 2014

I am trying to add a key value pair of ("Priority":"1") to queue1, ("Priority":"2") to queue2, and ("Priority":"3") to queue3. 
When I just add ("Priority":"1") to queue1, it works. 
But when I run the above code, ("Priority":"3") is being added to all the queues. 
This looks trivial and I don't understand why this is happening. Is there something wrong with what I am doing?

json_split = {} 
value = {"Status": "Submitted", "m_Controller": "Python"} 
a = range(31) 
del a[0] 
for i in a: 
    json_split[i] = value 
keys = json_split.keys() 
order = list(keys) 
q1 = int(round(len(keys)*0.2)) 
q2 = int(round(len(keys)*0.3)) 
q3 = int(round(len(keys)*0.5)) 
b = [q1,q2,q3] 
threedicts = [] 
for i in b: 
    queues = order[n:n+i] 
    n = n+i 
    lists = [(queues[j], json_split.get(queues[j])) for j in range(len(queues))] 
    onedict = {} 
    for q in queues: 
        onedict[q] = json_split[q] 
    threedicts.append (onedict) 
queue1, queue2, queue3 = threedicts 
keys1 = queue1.keys() 
for i in keys1: 
    queue1[i]['Priority'] = ['1'] 
keys2 = queue2.keys() 
for j in keys2: 
    queue2[j]['Priority'] = ['2'] 
keys3 = queue3.keys() 
for z in keys3: 
    queue3[z]['Priority'] = ['3'] 

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