Idle on Mac issues

wxjmfauth at wxjmfauth at
Wed Nov 5 14:54:20 CET 2014

Le mardi 4 novembre 2014 13:44:16 UTC+1, Rustom Mody a écrit :
> I seem to be stuck with some issues of Idle on macs.
> The page
> seems to talk only of Tcl/Tk versions 8.5
> Macports seem to have at 8.6
> With a direct download of Tcl/Tk there are some security warnings that prevent it from installing.
> Using whatever Tcl/Tk comes with python means many things dont work:
> - The options menu wont open
> - Various keyboard shortcuts dont work
> Any suggestions/directions?
> [Me: A non Mac-er with Mac-ers in my class!]

(From a previous thead: IDLE for teaching purpose.)

For your information, on Windows, IDLE is also
not working.


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