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On Sun, Nov 2, 2014 at 3:38 PM, Ned Deily <nad at> wrote:
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>> Just checking: is sincos() the same as sin() and cos()? Nm output for
>> my toolchain's libm does show sin() and cos() just not sincos()
> See, this is what you get when you ask for free help: bad info.

Silly me...what was I thinking?

> sincos
> isn't the same, as a little of googling informs me.  But, as the thread
> starting here indicates:

I did a fairly exhaustive search for the sincos() error code I was
getting and that link did not turn up for me at all.
Instead I found a reference that seemed to imply that such a macro
should be implemented but it was not implemented
in GCC-4.8.0.

Then again, the link you found doesn't seem to indicate which version
of GCC has this feature...maybe it is versions
later than 4.8.0...

> gcc can do an optimization that turns a pair of sin() and cos() calls
> with the same arguments into a single call to sincos().  And there is
> such a pair in Python's complexobject.c.  As the thread explains, there
> are some platforms where sin() and cos() are implemented but not
> sincos().  As suggested in the thread, one approach is to give options
> to gcc to avoid the optimizations:
>     CFLAGS='-fno-builtin-sin -fno-builtin-cos'
> That does seem to result in a libpython with no references to sincos.

Sounds good...I'll try it if bootstrapping 4.9.0 goes south.
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