Raspberry model b --> program

gm notMyMail at mail.not
Sat Nov 8 13:25:05 CET 2014

Hi !

I have one small program that should be completed till tomorrow so if 
someone can help am ready to pay this ( btw. budget for this is $40 ).

- usb scanner is connected to the PI.
- when the user gets his e.g. coffe bill with barcode, he put this bill 
in from of scanner and scanner reads value. If the value is the same as 
the value in database
- GPIO is triggered and signal is send to relay board
- relay board opens the parking ramp.

The cash register PC and RPI are connected over lan cable and they are 
on the same network. When the compare is over we are deleting the file 
that is on the PC side but when the new bill will be created, the new 
csv file will be created too.

So nothing special.
One csv file with barcode is on the PC side and db is on the RPI side.

What we have done so far:
- part for reading the data from scanner
- mysql db with defined tables
- connection to DB
- successful test for GPIO

What i need:
- to hook up all this together and to test it.

RPI is connected to my PC over SSH so there is no problem to
make some "remote programming" and testing.

If there is someone who can help, i am willing to pay for this.


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