Syncing audio and video for casual recording

Tobiah toby at
Sun Nov 9 01:34:43 CET 2014

I decided I'd like to publish some youtube videos of me playing
an instrument.  The audio being the important bit, I'd like to use
my existing mics, which I've been sending through a USB audio interface
to my computer.

I don't have any camera yet, other than a prosumer digital
camera that does take decent video.  The problem that I'm
anticipating is the syncing of audio and video.

Now, I do have a Tascam recorder with timecode, so maybe that's
one way to approach this.  I'm just guessing that any camera that
has this would be expensive, but I didn't find out much in a very quick

Aside from that, could I feed a decent audio signal into the camera
and get the audio in that way?

I've never done any video, so I'm quite in the dark about the camera



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