FYI: Micro Python running on kickstarter pyBoard project, now shipping

Terry Reedy tjreedy at
Sun Nov 9 05:38:29 CET 2014

On 11/8/2014 2:41 PM, John Pinner wrote:

> They are quite different devices:
> * The Raspberry Pi is a low-power general purpose computer designed
> specifically for education purposes. It just so happens that it's
> ideal for geek experimentation as well...
> * MicroPython is an optimised version of Python 3 running on a
> micro-controller board, designed specifically for controlling
> 'things' (eg robots). Doing what it is designed for, it will run far
> faster and use far less power than a Pi, but cannot do any of the
> general computing things a Pi can do, for example it has no means of
> editing programs for MicroPython, you have to do this on, say, your
> PC and download them to the MicroPython board. It won't do *any* of
> the other things you can do with a Pi - watch videos, browse the net,
> etc etc, but what it can do it will do faster and better.
> If you want a low-power, cheap, computer to play with and learn from,
> get a Pi.
> If you want a nifty micro-controller you can program in Python, buy a
> MicroPython board.

Nicely explained. Thank you.

Terry Jan Reedy

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